Locum International Group

LOCUM International - Payment By Bank Cerified Check
LIG will send a PDF invoice on request by email detailing shipping, tracking and door-2-door insurance and payment is made by USA $ bank draft Courier Check

LIG will process your purchases in either the EU, UK, US, Ireland, Belgium, HongKong, Mumbai, Singapore RSA or Israel, free of any country salestax / customs tax / Excise tax / GST / VAT / local taxes etc. Copyright licences for are required for any institution utilizing Locum International databases for resale such as libraries, universities and consultancies and legal offices. Licenses are per country advertised and in units of 50 users, at $10 - $15/day/country/365/50 end users.

The international Harmonization Tariff Code for customs and postal agencies for all LIG products is 4901.99.0050. No import duties apply. This means all imports are free of any taxes of any kind - anywhere in the world.


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