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3Q/4Q July - December 2013

Global Reach
LIG-IAGIM Drug Development Association signed close to a 190 generic drug development projects in the 4Q of 2013 and 1Q -3Q of 2014 with generic and innovative drug houses as diverse and far apart as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan Iran, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, UK, US and New Zealand.
LocumGroup now fully operational paperless back-office contributed significantly to the rapid and smooth high speed technology transfer process and proved itself to be a winner in cost effective IT process management. As a global print and electronic Journal, Handbook and technology publisher Locum's Paperless e-Office Systems developed and validated over the past five years include rapid and effective auto-invoicing, and client auto-banking to auto-shipping, goods tracking and notification. Included in the paperless e-Office are automatic tax e-filing and staff remuneration, e-insurance, e-pension, e-autobanking, e-salary and e-filing features fully integrated from Locum's Cape Town to Miami operations.

Leading Generic and Innovative Drug Manufacturers purchased formulation and development, scale-up, validation and commercial IT data, including CMC and Analytical methodology and Bioavailability data profiles from LIG- IAGIM Drug Development Association on an expanding worldwide basis. An interesting development was China's new emergence in purchasing original drug development know-how by non-state limited liability pharma companies such as Hainan Poly Pharm.

Drug Development
Indian pharma companies have extended and advanced their large drug development product pipeline by purchasing LIG-IAGIM technology dosage form specific handbooks and technical know-how. USV (India). Incepta Bangladesh FamyCare (India) and Randbaxy (India) Wockhardt, Jubilant Organosys (India), Microlabs (India), Tablets India and Ind-Swift have acquired LIG-IAGIM Research and Development technological handbooks and analytical methodology databases covering pre-formulation to scale-up, and commercial manufacturing utilizing IAGIM extended drug development benefit plus plans ranging from periods of 5 -8- 10 years for generic and innovative drug development.

Europe and ME
Product development data in the Middle East region covered critical aspects from formulation technology to large scale development plans. Egypt (Amriya), Jordan (Advance Pharmaceuticals), Iran and Saudi Arabia Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries manufacturing complex have expanded their modern manufacturing and development facilities. Locum International technology including validated full scale commercial batches in all the proposed marketing strengths enabling companies to slash their generic pipeline queue from 10 -15 months of time saved when compared to formulating from scratch. Locum's advanced modern IT transfer technology reached as far as Lambo (Belgium), Bedi and Fournier France, Alpharma (Denmark), CryoPharma SA (Mexico), KRKA Slovenia, Indonesia's Sanbe Farma (Bandung), Dr Esteces (Spain) Standard Chem and Pharm (Taiwan) and on to eastern Europe via Ukraine's Hexal operations in Kiev.

Workshops and Drug Development Expositions [US EXPO]
IAGIM continued to advance and spread it's state-of-the-art drug development know-how and validated commercial sized manufacturing technology to the four corners of the earth in approximately 110 countries. A new development was highlighted in the P.R. of China (PolyPharm) incorporating additional western high tech based technology and guidelines. IAGIM conducted regular drug development formulation seminars symposia and workshops in all five continents. The annual CT and US drug development Exposition (CT, US EXPO) drew in large interested clientele from every continent, as well as major generic and innovative drug development companies, research laboratories and big pharma consultants.

Asia Technology
India has maintained its' status and lead as a major technology purchaser of LIG-IAGIM information technology (IT) and drug development know-how covering all aspects from A-Z of Locum's databases.
Major Indian drug houses such as Adjunta, Centaur Pharmaceutical, CadilaPharm, GlaxoSmithKline (Philippines), Indoco, IPCA, JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, RatioPharm, Orchid, Cipla, Novartis, Nicholas Piramal, Randbaxy, Strides Arcolabs, Sun Pharma, USV, Wockhardt and Dr. Reddys have expanded their state-of-the-art international level operations and advanced research, development and manufacturing capabilities utilizing key aspects of Locum International Group's generic and innovative drug development, HPLC + UV validated analytical methodology, development e-SOP and FDA and EU level commercial manufacturing technology to their product export advantage.

Global Technology
Locum International Research Ltd., is headquarters in Israel, Locum International Inc. in Florida USA and Locum International Group Switzerland. The Group is among the top pharmaceutical generic pharmaceutical drug development company in the world. The company researches and develops generic formulations, manufacturing processes, scale-up and validation commercial sized procedures and markets generic and innovative controlled release and sterile pharmaceuticals as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients know-how and technology, such as the neurobiological innovative drugs (F-CRAB's, CMZ CR) worldwide in over a 175+ countries. LIG provides and presents leading FDA and EU approved SOPs, PAIs, analytical methods, ANDAs, dossiers, seminars, workshops and conferences worldwide, covering both pharmaceutical and neurobiology (F-CRAB's).

Neurobiological Development - F-CRAB's / CMZ CR
LI neurobiology development and experimental unit is currently developing advanced default protein folding mechanisms and routes for the F-CRAB RRMS drugs (relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis family of drugs), which include the development of the second generation Glatiramer Acetate Copoxane2 (COP2), with special reference to the molecular weight spectrum (Av.25+nK daltons spread and limits/10+nK->25+nK) of the truncated four amino-acid glatiramer acetate complex, which has a significant batch-2-batch (B2B-SV+RSD) synthesis variation, requiring advanced cGMP and QA/QC controls, that differ significantly from the normal drug synthesis pathways, especially in intermediate QA testing of the protected intermediates. Impeccable cleaning validation, stringent controls of starting, intermediate raw materials and solvents, resulting in significantly tighter batch to batch variations and B2B RSD's and impurity profiles, using special HPLC column and gel-filtration analytical methodology techniques.

Innovative Research
Workshops, lectures and seminars on the F-CRAB RRMS drugs, their development, synthesis, formulation, proposed default 'protein' folding, HPLC / gel filtration analysis/A.M validation and associated e-CTD/CTD specification / parameters are available as per advertised timetable in both EU and the US journal series (Contact LIG). The International Journal of Drug Development (IJDD Vol. 10/11) and the International Journal of Drug R&D (IJDR&D Vol. 11/12) are the main current print venues in the International Journal Series for publishing the ongoing F-CRAB RRMS drug innovation, experimental research and product development. Other venues include International Journal of Drug cGMP (IJGMP) and International Journal of Drug Validation (IJDV) and International Journal of Drug Master Formula and Processes (IJDM&P).

Market Highlights
Over 85% of Locum's technology sales are in Asia/China/Japan (39), North America (31) and Europe (30). For additional information contact LIGroup (www.LocumUSA.com) or IAGIM (www.iagim.org) or use the LIG international tel/voice messaging system US +1-561-865-6147

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