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The Drug Development Division of Locum International focuses on Generic Development and Innovative Generic Dosage Forms. The Beverage, Food and Wine division is located at LocumEuro.

Partnership projects range from quite simple safe and non-allergic pediatric syrups to innovative state-of-the-art anticancer generic drugs (Tamoxifen Technology in UK and Ireland).

During 1981 Locum Pioneered the formulation and manufacturing process of sugar free, color free and alcohol free paracetamol syrups and analgesics now used all over the world by multinational pharmaceutical firms. (Teva's and Glaxo popular pediatric analgesic liquids are 100% Locum Technology.)

The Partnership Program diversifies from large scale governmental antibiotic production units, in as wide a field as Asmara Ethiopia (eight different antibiotic projects commercialized) to continuing adult education programs, conferences and workshops administered by major US Universities, Colleges and Pharmacy Schools highlighted by LIG's annual Book Expositions in Florida.

Locum International maintains a significant commitment to generic development and timely scientific publication through it's vast journal network. This commitment includes projects in generic dosage forms that range from modified release tablets, soft gelatin capsules to sterile injections and inhalation MDI / DPI aerosols.

All major dosage forms are continually being developed, with a special hands-on emphasis on controlled and modified release solid oral preparations and soft gelatin capsules.

Development and registration units work hand-in glove to produce seamless technology transfers.The Group provides great tools to get information and technology know-how fast - particularly at the members-only section at IAGIM Center.

Every Ready-To-Go product (CMC Technical Dossier) exists in full size industrial commercial production with Locum's world wide client base. Technology levels exceed FDA EU and MCA current expectations.

In a nutshell, Locum promotes generic drugs manufacture excellence and high quality cost effective drug development world wide through own research and an extensive network of partnership programs, distance learning products and global workshops in some 23 cities and countries. All research is made available to the pharmaceutical industry through LIG's global publishing domain. Copyright licences for are required for any institution utilizing Locum International databases for individual resale such as, but not limited to libraries, universities, agents,and legal offices and consultancies. Licenses are per country advertised and in units of 50 users, at $10 - $15/day/country/365/50 users

Locum has developed expertise and recent research in many slow release formulations and processing techniques suitable for commercial products as diverse as Carbamazepine, Glipizide, Pentoxifyllin, Etodolac and Carbidopa/Levodopa and Naproxen.

Locum conducts partnership programs (Locum-IAGIM-Bird Research Foundations) and product know-how through the Ready-to-Go Series (CMC Dossiers) providing a range of quality products of ongoing use to the generic and pharmaceutical industries.

Today, Locum International combines the advantages of a flexible pharmaceutical organization that has learnt to visualize the future with the strengths of an established company.

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