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Group comprises of a unique spectrum of business units involved in generic drug development and unique innovative generic dosage forms. Founded in RSA in 1973 during the sanction years Locum SA started life as a small pharmaceutical and topical cosmetic research and development unit with supporting laboratories.

An early run away success in advanced liquid crystal thermometry technology (Fevertester) and cosmetic depilatories (HairOut) was the forerunner to the generic development unit. Subsequent developments expanded into the Beverage, Food and Wine (MCC) technology with the current research division now located at LocumEuro, Basel Switzerland.

Fourteen years later* in 1987 Locum SA changed it's name and went international as Locum International, armed with some 200+ state-of-the-art key US/EU Generic Master Formula and Processes and tried and tested US and EU commercial manufacturing processes applicable to a wide variety of modern processing equipment. Nowadays all 200+ master formula and manufacturing processes are currently in full scale commercial and industrial production in over 65 countries, including the Africa, Asia, US, Canada and EU countries.

Hoechst RSA - Caps Zimbabwe, Wellcome, Ivax, Nortons, Reckitt and Colman, Zenith Goldline, Byk Gulden, Teva, Apotex, Novartis, Rhone Polenc Rorer, SKB etc. currently market today the same fruits of Locum's Generic and Innovative Research and Development as do many of Africa's state controlled manufacturing enterprises (Pharmacor - Eritrea, Kenya, South Africa etc.) See List

Locum has shown a remarkable capacity to create, recognize and respond to technological breakthroughs. The Group is organized into semiautonomous business units each aggressively pursuing technical advantages in generic and innovative modified release drug development and new product opportunities while honoring the time tested group's motto of: - " High Quality Cost Effective Drug Development & Manufacturing Excellence World Wide ".

Research and Development results and reviews are published on a regular basic through the groups extended scientific publishing house. LIG forte is generic development and scientific publishing.

The International Journal Series consists of eleven authoritative peer reviewed scientific monthly journals (Drug Development, R&D, Generic Drugs, Process Validation etc.) are industry leaders in their field and are read in almost every country in the world, where both generic and innovative drugs of quality are researched, developed, manufactured and marketed.

Locum Business units have harnessed via it's Partnership Program, and linked through IAGIM, development excellence and state-of-the-art CMC know-how in order to provide both diverse and rapidly developing capabilities by establishing an interrelated infrastructure that can respond quickly to ongoing changes in agency regulations and emerging generic technologies.

Partnership's highly successful program offers a full inclusive consulting program with the Ready-To-Go™ Series of Know-how CMC applications (and dossiers) via rapid global e-mail, Online and fax communication to the four corners of the earth.

Linked to the number of years of association membership - a four years membership allows free Ready-to-Go product specific unlimited consultations - while a five year membership allows for the full development team availability to the client on Ready-To-Go generic drug products).

Some highlights of the bilateral Partnership Program include:
- Global 2, 3 - 5 day intensive pharma workshops in 23 cities and countries - worldwide.
- Advanced distance learning programs (Over 21 courses & seminars in drug development)
- Drug Development Institute & The US Center for Drug Development.
- Unique Global Generic Drug Development Program
- Ready-to-Go CMC Generic Technology (120+ Series on Generic Product Development)
- Weekly IAGIM research publications in two prestige peer reviewed International Journals
- IAGIM-BIRD Bilateral Research Foundation
- Unique development SOPs program for drug development units
- Drugs Off-Patent Program to the year 2017
- Web presence program and site maintenance plus promotion and global marketing
- Keep in Touch (KIT) global address program (Pharma Address Lists to IAGIM members)
- Two to thirty year IAGIM incentive benefit drug development programs for serious drug research firms.
- Regular journal reviews, data, results and updates
- State-of the-art scientific publishing division
- IAGIM-LOCUM Bilateral Research Council
- A singular drug development web based archive.

Locum International Group is an unique multifaceted drug development, research, teaching, distant learning and scientific publishing organization with an extended global reach, fully focused on tomorrow's future in modern generic drug development and state-of-the art technology.

* (Script 1987 Issue 2152 Date Aug. 6,1996)

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