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Designing the future in pharmaceuticals, both generic and innovative generic dosage forms means anticipating tomorrow's R&D needs while building on today's technological strengths.

Developing tomorrow's pharmaceuticals requires a flexible and innovative global organization that focuses on generic specialties and establishes effective partnerships through IAGIM - an non profit Drug Development Association specially catering for the 'Partnership Program' and IAGIM Research Foundation.

The specialized Beverage, Food and Wine division is located at LocumEuro. Cutting Edge Research and advanced technology is conducted into container-closure systems, internal fluoride treatment of glassware, food, wine and champagne microbiology, QC, processing and manufacture.

Successful partner commercialization requires comprehensive drug development programs, advanced capabilities in design formulation, process development, analytical, optimization, scale-up, qualification, process validation, stability, and turnkey manufacturing capability.

At Locum International these essential and critical parameters are firmly in place allowing us to be successful today and well prepared for tomorrow.

Locum's advanced Generic Ready-to-Go CMC Know-how databases are tried and tested in both the US and EU commercial market place. LIG's CMC know-how is coupled with its state-of the-art scientific and technical publishing division working in association with IAGIM a unique Drug Development Association designed for both generic and innovative firms.

The IAGIM-Bird bilateral Research Foundation supports a global pharmaceutical sciences workshop program in some 23 cities and countries in the US, EU and Pacific Rim landscape.
These technological interfaces are fully dovetailed and interwoven towards LIG's global client base in over 124 countries.

Today - Locum International Group is an modern high-tech and unique organization that is clearly focussed on tomorrow's future generic drug development needs.

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